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Easy to use Website Editor
Macromedia Contribute 2

For an 'easy to use' web site editor, take a look at Macromedia
Contribute. The church may be eligible for a charity price plan.

The beauty of Macromedia Contribute, is that if the church website is
to be managed or edited by a design studio, they can just 'plug-in'
later on and use Macromedia Dreamweaver (used by most if not all

And with contribute you do not need to think about:
# ftp
# file structure
# how to code
# what name to call a file
# how to add/attached files
# broken links

Its all taken care of in an interface that anyone using a
word processor can handle!

Take a look at Contribute here:

Hope this is helpful for you and anyone else who is planning on
giving 'none technical' people web site editors.

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